• Marsha-Kay Hutchinson, Howard University student, studying breast cancer in Dr. Marion Sewer's Pharmacology lab
  • Joy Rosa Jackson, Howard University Student, conducting cardiovascular research in Dr. Kelly Frazer’s genetics lab
  • Present your research at the UC San Diego Summer Research Conference
  • Learn about the UC San Diego graduate school application process from distinguished faculty
  • Attend workshops and lectures about graduate school at UC San Diego
  • Work hard and have fun in beautiful San Diego
  • Meet other HBCU students
  • Improve your scores with a GRE preparation course
  • Make new friends while building trust at the UC San Diego Challenge Course
  • Make new friends from all over the country and world
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2014-2015 Participants




Mentor Name

Research Title



Howard Pathways

 Mark Estelle

Generation and Characterization of Custom Antibodies to Aux/IAA Transcriptional Regulators



Howard Pathways

 Yimin Zou

Expression of Celsr3 in Postnatal through Adult Stages of Parvalbumin-Expressing Interneurons in the Hippocampus



Howard Pathways

 Ryan Kastner

Adding Flexibility to Memory Architecture in OpenCL Development



Howard Pathways

 David Meyer

Birds of a Feather: Predicting Importance Based on Centrality



Howard Pathways

 Julian  Schroeder

Arabidopsis Mutant Screening for Phenotype that Confers Resistance to a Small Molecule that Inhibits ABA Signaling by Activating Effector Triggered Immunity



Howard Pathways

 Gentry Patrick

Generation of Geneticall Encoded Fluorescent Fusion Constructs of Nedd4-1 to Determine the Dynamics of Nedd4-1 Trafficking in Hippocampal Neurons



Howard Pathways

 Carolyn Kurle

Establishing Stable Isotope Discrimination Factors of Endangered Rock Iguanas



Howard Pathways

 Jose Pruneda-  Paz

Using Bacterial Pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae and Model Plant, Arabidopsis, to Model Host-Pathogen Interactions on a Molecular Level to Observe Impacts on Circadian Clock Networks



Howard Pathways

 David Meyer

Tspatial Correlation of HIV Prevalence and Population Movement with Telecom Data



Howard Pathways

 Andrew  Huberman

The Regeneration of Dendrites



Howard Pathways

 Roberto  Malinow

Synaptic Depression in Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Amyloid Beta through the PKC Alpha Pathway

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